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Student Information

Admission Info

Admission Information

Basic Info

Basic Information


Identification for all types of disability is required to be disclosed by students so that we can confirm that you have a disability and understand how your disability impacts your studies and campus life. In terms of a mental health condition, you are not required to disclose a specific mental health diagnosis, but confirmation of the presence of a disability which includes; the disability type (i.e. mental health), and the specific physical limitations must be provided.

Please note, upon disclosure of your disability condition, there will not be any adverse impact on the application pertaining to the information. Your application will be processed in the same manner as other applications, without any discrimination on the basis of the disclosed disability.


Residence Info

Residence Information

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Guardian's Information

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Academic's Information

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Admission Form Document Checklist

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I , bearing CNIC and applicant ID: 0 hereby declare that my admission at Iqra University is based on provisional conditions stating the following:
  1. If my percentage as per my upcoming results is less than the eligibility criteria of my admission in bachelors’ program will be cancelled
  2. If the announcement as per the of Sindh government regarding 3% additional grace marks being allotted to students is made redundant, this condition will not facilitate the admission process and the admission will be cancelled.
  3. Fees will not be refunded if the admission is cancelled in any circumstances.
Fee Refund Policy
Withdrawals from university are entitled to refund of fee according to the following schedule:
  1. Within one week of the commencement of classes 100% of tuition fee.
  2. Within two weeks of commencement of classes 50% of tuition fees.
  3. After two weeks of commencement of classes No refund.
Attendance Policy
Attendance in person, at all prescribed and elective lectures and seminars is mandatory. Maximum of 20% absences are allowed in a subject to cater for emergencies, sickness etc. There is no provision of leaves in excess of the allowance mentioned above. 20% or more absences in a subject will result in ‘F’ grade in that subject. Any student, who fails to comply with the rules, forfeits the right to appear at the examination in the course concerned. Such a situation shall earn the student ‘F’ (failure) in the course.
Release of Information about Disability
The data about your physical and/or mental health contained within Admission form will be kept confidential in accordance with the university’s Disability Policy. The information will be shared with the Admission Department and members of the Accessibility Committee to provide necessary support during the application process, interview and entrance test.

Application Processing Fee

Application Processing Fee

Admit Card

Admit Card

Your admitcard will be generated within 36 working hours, for further queries please contact the admission department.



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Semester Fees Submission

Fees Submission Procedures

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